Trex is a trustworthy business that has created one of the world’s leading brands of fencing, railing, trimming, and decking products.

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“I just wanted to send a note today to say how happy we are with our Trex deck.  It is almost seven years old, made with the original Madeira color, and built in May, 2000.  It isn’t huge (maybe 250 sq. ft.), but it has added so much to our home and backyard.”

“We had a redwood deck that previous owners had put on the house, and we had no intention of paying to replace it.  Until we discovered it was rotting badly.  Our contractor suggested Trex, which then was something new to us.  With very small children at the time, we liked the smooth surface of Trex that would let them go barefoot without getting splinters.  And since both my husband and I hate doing maintenance work, we liked that we would not have to sand, stain or seal this deck, and could spend time enjoying it instead.”

“We have enjoyed both of these features in the years we have had the deck.  But yesterday I was thinking about how much the deck plays a part in my kids’ lives.  They are now 8 and 5, and the deck has been like an outdoor room for them.  They do all sorts of water play out there , setting up the little swimming pool, bubbles, etc., and the deck is like a big drain board.  We don’t worry about killing the grass or making big mud patches, as the water just runs through the Trex slats.  And they do art projects out there, and I can just hose down the deck without worrying about scrubbing out the deck color, since they are not stained boards.”

“The deck still looks great.  Living in Southern California, we use the deck year round.  We have had no problems with it at all.  We also like that we don’t have to worry about termites (a big problem in this part of the country) and I like knowing that we are using a recycled product.”

“We’ve made a lot of other renovations in our backyard over the years, and when the kids were out there yesterday playing, I realized what a good decision that was back then to put in Trex.  And I just thought I would take the time to let you know.  Thanks for a good product.”

-Christine in California

Trex is a trustworthy business that has created one of the world’s leading brands of fencing, railing, trimming, and decking products. Trex’s utmost goal is to help their customers enjoy the great outdoors by using superior fencing, decking, trimming, and railing products without destroying or wasting precious natural resources. The composite blend utilized by Trex is a new and innovative mixture of plastic and wood scraps which protect the railing, trimming, fencing, or decking. While the typical business has no real concern for how their materials impact, destroy, or manipulate the environment.

Trex’s style of business flies in the face of this conventional wisdom by proffering environmentally conscious products. Every wood and plastic scrap that makes its way into the composite blend is taken from reclaimed or recycled products in an effort to create environmentally friendly products that are also top-quality. Even Trex’s newer and higher quality products are made from recycled or reclaimed products. Plastic grocery bags and sawdust or wood pallets from woodworking projects all over the United States—these all play a fairly significant role in the creation of new Trex products.

Naturally, all of the reclaimed and recycled scraps are examined closely before they are shipped for processing in Trex’s manufacturing plants. Hundreds of tons of plastic and wood materials are kept out of massive landfills by utilizing them in Trex composite blend products. Instead, the scraps are utilized to craft beautiful outdoor spaces utilizing trimming, decking, fencing, and railing products.

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